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Thanksgiving Pre-order

Ordering opens on November 9th @ 8am. When placing an order for Thanksgiving only select items from the "Thanksgiving" listings. There are Two separate "pick-up" options for this menu left available. Chesterton or the Crown Point location at Grounded Earth. • The House 4:35-6pm • Grounded Earth Thanksgiving

Country Loaf

Our classic sourdough loaf. Made from organic stone milled regional grains. Handcrafted, slow fermented and stone baked.

Cinnamon Raisin

Hand crafted sourdough loaf from stone milled organic regional grains with plump organic raisins and swirled with...

Cranberry Walnut

A hearty rustic loaf made from a blend of Janie's Mill organic wheats and rye. Plump organic dried cranberries...

Country Rose

Our signature sourdough country loaf dressed up with fresh and dried organic rosemary.


A small rustic loaf with local organically grown roasted pumpkin throughout the dough, fall spices, turmeric and...

Whole Wheat Sandwich

9in sliced pan loaf. Organic stone milled whole wheat. Enriched with Kerrygold butter and sweetened with house...

100% Rye

A hearty, dense and robust European style rye bread made from 100% organic rye flour. **(sold as a half loaf)

Seeded Rye

A hearty, dense and robust European style rye bread made from 100% organic rye flour packed with toasted organic...

Milk & Honey Dinner Rolls

A super soft and buttery dinner roll made with organic whole milk, Kerrygold Irish butter and house raised raw honey....

Sesame Wreath

Our signature sourdough baguette shaped in a large ring, coated in sesame seeds and cut to form buns that can be torn...

Demi Baguette

Crusty and chewy handcrafted Sourdough Demi baguette.

Seeded Demi Baguette

Our signature demi baguette rolled in a blend of organic sesame/poppy/golden flax seeds before stone baking for an...

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