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Our sourdough breads freeze and refresh extremely well. 

Here are the recommended methods for bringing your bread back to life!

No matter the loaf if your going to preserve your bread to enjoy at a later date freeze immediately placing bread with original packaging in a freezer safe or plastic bag. *Rustic loaves may be cut in half before freezing for staggered refreshing.

Rustic Loaves - Thaw on the counter overnight (or at least 3-4hrs). Enjoy as is OR spritz with water and place directly on oven rack at 375F for 8-10 min.

Sandwich Loaves - Thaw on counter overnight (or at least 1-2hrs). Refresh lightly in toaster for a soft slice longer for toast. OR Pull slices direct from freezer and toast to thaw.

Focaccia - Thaw on counter at least 1-2hrs. Enjoy as is OR warm in oven/toaster oven for desired crispness. (Can also be warmed in oven direct from the freezer) Place on oven rack or cookie sheet in 350F oven for 4-6 min.

Baguette - Place directly in oven from freezer at 375-400F for 6-8 min depending on the level of crunchy crust you prefer. (Baguettes can be snapped on the edge of the counter when frozen if you wish to save some for another time)

Dinner Rolls - Thaw on counter overnight (or at least 4-6hrs) remove lid place directly on rack in 350F oven for 8-10 min. OR remove from pan before following warming instructions for crispier exterior.


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